Where is Viveda Located?
Viveda is located in the holy land of Trimbakeshwar, in Nashik District, 45 mins from the Nashik Road raiilway station and 173 Km from Mumbai.
We recommend taking a flight to Mumbai, Shirdi or Ozhar Airport based on the connectivity from your origin. The road distances are as follows: Mumbai Airport to Viveda - 4 hours ; Shirdi Airport to Viveda - 2 hours; Ozhar Nasik Airport - 45 minutes
Viveda - a Shelter for the mind, body and soul is a peaceful Oasis surrounded by the tranquility of the holy land of Trimbakeshwar and Anjaneri. Viveda's treatment philosophy combines the elements of nature such as Air, Water, Fire and Earth and integrates them with traditional Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy. We aim to create an international wellness experience incorporating fitness regimes and a healthy organic cuisine to restore balance and harmony.
The holistic healing begins with a lifestyle consultation with qualified experts, where guests are given individual attention to talk about their life's stressors. The initial approach to address the health issues is to deterge the person. The deterging program will be followed by nourishment to regain or strengthen body's natural immunity. The entire journey is complimented with right nutrients to deterge, regain, restore and sustain the vitality within you. The entire approach towards chronic diseases is to treat the root level causes as we at Viveda believe that every physical symptom is related to your inner wellbeing of mind and soul.
Winters at Nasik are breathtaking with cool mornings and scenic sunrises gazing at you from the Sahyadri mountains and the vibrant colorful sunsets highlighting the sky over the Gautami Godavari reservoir. The monsoons are blessed with surrounding green carpeted Sahyadri mountains, waterfalls gifting you a visual treat and the best time for an Ayurvedic detox. The Spring season brings a natural splendour to the flower gardens and landscape around the property.
We believe that "The best way to heal is to cooexist with Nature". Viveda wellness resort is built on the concept of Pancha mahabhootas. Every element is tastefully and thoughtfully designed to incorporate ecofriendly and sustainable practices.
We believe that reforming and refining your inner self, routines and life styles depends on your own self realization. Viveda assist you to attain your goals through nourishment of body, mind and soul through our beyong holistic healing concept. In Viveda you can opt for strict regime or an easy going based on your requirement and inner call.
The wellness program packages include consultation,stay, meals, facilities and treatments making it easy for to you enjoy the stay with us. If you are not opting for wellness packages, the treatments you avail will be charged separately which is same across all room category. Only Room charges varies depends on the category.
We believe that every wellness place is unique based on their individual topography, architecture, climatic conditions & facilities offered. So Viveda refrains from any comparison with any other wellness places. Instead we encourage every wellness centre to nourish and serve the mankind.
We do not serve alcoholic beverages and tobacco at Viveda. We strictly prohibit carrying and consumption of both.
In order to maintain peace and transquilty of the inmates we reserve a strict no visitor policy.
Usage of gadgets is strictly prohibited in public areas like wellness centre, restaurant, swimming pool, gazebos, and reflexology track. For the safety of your belongings, we request you to kindly leave all your electronic devices in your cottage safe provided in your rooms.
While we encourage you to experience digital detox during your stay; most of the service providers have connectivity in and around the resort. The signal strength may vary among theproviders. We also offer complimentary WiFi in all our rooms.
Standard check-in is at 2.00 pm and check-out is 12:00 pm. For any requirement of early check-in and check out please contact reservations @+91 788 780 5800
You may reach out to us on our direct line @ +91 788 780 5800/ + 91 706 604 7474 or mail us @ reservations@vivedawellness.com. We also encourage bookings through our website. We also take care of your preferences during your stay through a pre arrival form shared with you upon confirming your reservation.
Our travel desk would be pleased to connect you to reliable travel partners For all your travel assistance from airport, railways staion, bus stations and other pick up and drop points. Please contact us @+91 788 780 5800, for all your queries.
We believe that "The best way to heal is to cooexist with Nature". The design landscape of 80% of the property, Nakshatra gardens, flower beds, medicinal gardens, rich flora and fauna, surrounding Sahyadri mountains and the western breeze carrying the vibes of Gautami Godavari reservoir enriches the entire experience of healthy living and cooexisting with nature.
Yes, we do recognize the need to have a Bystander to assist you. Our travel desk would be pleased to understand your requirement and further assist you in making the necessary arrangements.
* Personalized Wellness Consultation and daily follow ups * Daily one major (60 min) and one minor (30 min & below) Therapy (Above applicable only for wellness packages not for normal stay) * All meals - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and afternoon high tea * General Yoga/Meditation sessions * Daily High Tea * Detox Drinks as per schedule * Retreat Facilities/games/activities * Personalized Yoga sessions as per Doctors Recommendations
Yes, Viveda offers Panchakarma treatments like Nasyam, Virechana, Vasti, also Poorva karmas and Pashat karmas of Ayurveda
The wellness programs includes two treatments per day per person (Kindly contact us for detailed information) included in the pre-designed package. Guests can always add more treatments based on their health conditions and doctor's consultation.
Viveda Wellness centre covers 18 Treatment rooms with the 'Yoga Dome as its main centre of attraction. We have a wide range of therapies like hot and cold therapies, Ayurvedic therapies, beauty therapies, western and oriental therapies developed by professional doctors and performed by a team of qualified therapists. Cleansing therapies like Colon Hydrotherapy, liver flush, lung cleanse are part of detox and weight management program as per doctors advise. Our team of Yoga experts are always present to guide you on the age-old lifestyle practices like Hatha Yoga.
WE at Viveda pride ourselves in our specially curated SATVIK SPA Cuisine. Viveda’s food philosophy is based on regional, seasonal & traditional and serves Indian and global vegan cuisine based on Sattvic Concept. The farm to fire masterpieces are rich in fiber, antioxidants, nutrient-dense organic vegan cuisine that’s high in essential nutrients, rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, probiotics and key enzymes which aids digestion and deterging toxins. To enhance the healing experiences therapeutic juices are served during the day.
Yes, We customise your Food and Nutrition based on your preference of Gluten free and/or Vegan requirements. Our entire food menu is curated considering the calorie requirements prescribed to cater to individual needs. Our meal buffets always display the calorie intake per serving charts to help our guests make informed selections.
Yes, you can have all/some of your meals ordered to your room without any extra charges.
Our team of wellness experts and chefs ensure your preferences are taken care of during your stay. You will be asked to fill a pre-arrival form upon confirmation of your reservations.
The water source is a Well located in the property and the water is further filtered through reverse osmosis and served.
Trimbakeshwar temple which is one of the Jyothirlinga is at distance of 12 kms and Shirdi town is located 122 Kms from Viveda.
Nashik is pleasant throughout the year even the evening and morning are cooler even in summers. Nashik witness winters, summer and rainy season.
We provide comfortable kurta and pyjamas to all our in-house guests. Apart from your other comfortable clothes do carry a swimsuit for aqua therapies and swimming. A pair of sports shoes for fitness activities is recommended. Guests may carry additional warm clothing for winters. Umbrellas can be borrowed from the hotel desk during your stay in the Monsoon.
We recommend a pre-arrival consultion for every guest who undertakes the wellness program at Viveda. This is to ensure that our wellness experts customize the programme to cater to individial needs and every guest is aware of the expectations and thetreatment modalities on his/her health conditions.
Yes, we provide TVs in all our guest rooms.
Viveda's architecture and landscape has been designed to balance the guest rooms, recreation facilities, open spaces, gardens in a manner that gives a community experience and an opportunity to interact with fellow guests. The majority of the staff stays inside the premises which gives every guest an additional support system at all interaction points round the clock.
Viveda Wellness Village spreads over 7.5 acres in the holy land of Trimbakeshawar, Nashik. Our thirty one handcrafted stone cottages with modern amenities is classified into Garden and Jacuzzi Cottages, Garden suites and a Presidential suite. Retreat Facilities includes: Therapy rooms, A Library, Gardens and lawns, Gazeboes, a Fire place, Nakshatra Garden, Open stage, Amphitheatre, Reflexology track, Walking track, Swimming pool and a Meditation room
1. Chakore Chakra Tirtha: - The place where the Kumbh Mela was originally held at. 2. Trimbakeshwar Temple - One of the 12 auspicious and holy Jyotirlingas. 3. Annapurna Mata Temple - Goddess of Nourishment 4. Coin Museum - It showcases the coins of various dynasties from India 5. Grape County - An Eco-resort offering an unparalleled combination of a luxury ; fine dining and a first class experience of Nature. 6. Anjaneri - Birthplace of Lord Hanuman 7. Brahmagiri Mountain - Origin of the Sacred Godavari River
Yes, we welcome Nutritional and Cuisine experts, yoga gurus and fitness experts to conduct their respective retreats and conferences related to Health and Wellness at Viveda.
Yes, Games and Recreation are an integral part of health and wellness. We have Badminton and Croquet equipment and Board games at the resort. We also organise fitness trails, aqua yoga sessions on a daily basis. Kindly check with the hotel-desk during your stay for Daily Activities chart.
Yes, Non resident guests can dine with us at our Restaurant Naivedhya and also avail the wellness facilities through prior bookings.
Visitors are allowed only on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) from 3 pm to 5 pm. Prior booking is required and the number of people permitted to visit in a single day is restricted. Group visits by Non-resident visitors are strictly restricted.
Yes we have specially designed rooms for guests with restricted mobility and special needs. Our hotel desk would be please to assist you and address your concerns once your reservation is confirmed.
Rain water harvesting, reed bed systems, zero plastic concept, organic farming helping local community, green procurements, CSR activities etc



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